DDNBIO is a leading company of natural new preventive drug thru. advanced technology & know-how.
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Natural New Preventive Drug
A new drug made by separating active compounds that have medicinal properties from natural substances is called a natural drug. DDNBIO first defined a natural new preventive drug whose purpose is to prevent disease as the new drug.
DDNBIO has the technologies to match the name of the first.
The natural new preventive drug is made from known ingredients that are safe from natural substances, so it has fewer or no side effects than synthetic drugs.
Therefore, it is safe to take long-term medication and can be used as a preventive medicine.

Natural New Preventive Drug for Dementia
: DDNBIO has discovered a active compounds that is effective in various pathogens that are causing for Alzheimer 's dementia, and is using it to develop prevention and treatment agents that show complex agonists against dementia.

Natural New Preventive Drug for IBD
: Through 2-in-1 platform technology, DDNBIO discovered 10 active polysaccharide candidates from natural ingredients and identified their structures. Active polysacarides discovered by DDNBIO can improve the intestinal environment and enhance immune function and thus prevent and treat IBD.
Health Functional Food
Health Functional Food are foods that help you stay healthy. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety evaluates scientific evidence such as animal testing and human testing to recognize functional ingredients, and refers to a product made with such functional ingredients.
The function of a Health Functional Food is not to directly treat or prevent diseases such as medicines, but to maintain and improve health by maintaining the normal function of the human body or by activating physiology.

DDNBIO is developing ingredients for functional drinks that can help with the symptoms below.

Memory↑ (DDN-A-0103)
Immunity↑ (DDN-A-0103)
Hypertension (DDN-A-0103)
Skin health (DDN-A-0103)
Body fat (DDN-A-0103)
Bone health↑ (DDN-A-0103)
Raynaud’s phenomenon (DDN-A-0103)
Pet Animal Feed
Pet Animal Feed is for life, health, and growth of pets. Currently, the method for preventing pets from getting sick is injection or medication. This method has disadvantages of rejection of dogs or side effects.
However, if animal take medicine with feed, there is no resistance and it is possible to take long-term.

Pet Animal Feed for Dementia
: DDNBIO is currently working on a full-time work of animal Alzheimer's disease prevention feed and additives. We are aiming for a license-out in the first half of 2019.

Pet Animal Feed for immunity
: Plant active-polysacarides are being developed as animal feed to enhance the immune system of animals by improving the intestinal environment.